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15 Actors, 20 Years

Making Lives In and Out of the American Theatre

What do Siggy the Viking, a celebrity chef and a Blue Man have in common? Believe it or not, theatre school. 1995: Young arts journalist Todd London is blown away by the talent-packed graduating class of Harvard's ART. London writes about their first difficult year as professional actors in New York City. 2015: London finds out what became of these exceptional artists. Who’s still acting? Who quit the business? And what does “making it” even mean? Todd London's first e-book, 15 Actors, 20 Years is the fascinating professional biography of a gifted group — and a meditation on what it means to be an American theatre artist. Foreword by Robert Brustein.
Dutch Kills Press
Published December 15, 2015 • Buy for $1.99

Only the Trying

Or, How to Live After Not Quite Dying

Family, health, work. What would you do if everything fell apart — at the same time? Within the span of one year, Bryan VanDyke lost his job to downsizing, his health to diabetes and was terrified by the sudden illness of his young son. How do you recover back from all that? Is recovery even possible? Bryan VanDyke chronicles the worst year of his life with wit and insight.
Bryan VanDyke
Published September 24, 2015 • Buy for $4.99

Death and Buses: A Twisted Love Story

Hannah has delusions of grandeur, Liam delusions of adequacy. When they get together, sparks fly, as well as all kinds of bodily fluids. In this dark, sexy and wickedly funny novella, Amber Benson really lets it rip.
Amber Benson
Published September 24, 2015 • Buy for $2.99

The Cursed Frog & Other Modern Fairy Tales

Jason Antoon’s modern fables are like the classic ones except a lot funnier and nobody ever seems to learn anything. Ten weird and wonderful tales of pickpockets, philanderers and priapic politicians.
Jason Antoon
Published September 22, 2015 • Buy for $9.99

10,000 Crappy Songs and Other Tales of Detection

Includes 22 non-crappy songs! Los Angeles has a new private investigator. A failed songwriter looking to put 10,000 crappy songs behind him. But solving his cases will take a little luck, a lot of donuts and his old Gibson. Acclaimed songwriter Dan Bern’s second novel is a fun twist on LA noir. “10,000 Crappy Songs is a deadpan masterpiece. Seriously, folks: I read this book in one sitting and laughed for a week.” — Steve Almond
Dan Bern
Published August 4, 2015 • Buy for $2.99

A Short History of Modernist Architecture and Interiors

Amy Park’s visual art has long reflected a deep interest in architecture. This collection of 36 ink drawings is her own idiosyncratic survey of the highlights of Modernism. It’s a fresh, spontaneous approach that will help you see Modernism with new eyes.
Amy Park
Published July 13, 2015 • Buy for $2.99

Frade Killed Ellen

A Story

Frade is a famous writer. Ellen is desperate to land a Great Man. Alan hates Frade and wants Ellen to get her act together. A dark, funny story about the corrosive effects of other people’s success.
Alex Kudera
Published July 13, 2015 • Buy for $2.99


A Story

Professor Walter Munch, a cranky widower, wants to live out his remaining days in peace. But his middle-aged daughter has returned with her ludicrously diffident boyfriend, and they won’t stop having loud sex. A disturbing, funny, penetrating story from the author of “We Came All This Way: A Novel.”
Mike Heppner
Published July 6, 2015 • Buy for $2.99

The Complete Letters of M. Blanc

A fixture in postwar Paris, M. Blanc left behind only these letters, literary shadows thrown by the greatest writer who never wrote. New fiction from acclaimed writer and editor Dan Friedman.
Dan Friedman
Published July 1, 2015 • Buy for $2.99


The amazing adventures of a pound shop Martin Parr

Richard Schofield is a British photographer of startling sensitivity. Frustrated by the growing obsession with expensive technology, Schofield began experimenting with an early camera phone, the “technically lamentable” Nokia E61i. The result is Nokumentary™ — street photography of uncommon immediacy and honesty.
Richard Schofield
Published June 30, 2015 • Buy for $1.99

What Possessed Us?

A Story

Bernadette used to love Colin. And now Colin wonders why he ever let her go. Imagine Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants” with a sense of humor, and a diminutive Australian named Boris.
David Samuel Levinson
Published March 5, 2015 • Buy for $1.99

Around and About Leslie

A Story

Leslie is the only African-American kid in the school, Dustin the only Jewish kid. When their teacher reveals her own bigotry, Dustin's parents attempts attempt to rectify the situation, but in their blind vanity, they end up making the situation worse — much worse. The first e-book from acclaimed author Joshua Furst, "Around and About Leslie" is a harrowing, darkly humorous story of prejudice and passivity.
Joshua Furst
Published October 9, 2014 • Buy for $5.99

9 Juicy Weeks to a Wonderfully Imperfect First Draft

A Creativity Program for Writers

The first draft can be the hardest part! But Brooke Berman—an award-winning writer of plays, screenplays and nonfiction—can help make the process a lot less painful and maybe even kind of fun. It doesn’t matter if you write fiction, plays or screenplays: her 9-week program will take you from a blank page to an actual, workable, wonderful, imperfect first draft.
Brooke Berman